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Protect your company with our extensive line of services, covering all aspects of your security needs.

Web Applications Security

Identify security issues in your web applications and protect them against real-world attack scenarios. Our methodology, consisting in extensive automated and manual penetration testing techniques, will enhance the security posture of your company by a substantial degree.

Mobile Applications Security

Ensure that your mobile application and infrastructure are protected against the most common attacks on both Android and iOS devices. These tests are meant to attack the app to identify threats and vulnerabilities that enable attackers to access private information stored on the mobile device, among others.

Corporate Network Security

Discover whether your corporate network is secured against attackers willing to breach the perimeter in order to extract your most sensitive information. Increase the resilience of your company through a vulnerability identification and penetration test assessment.

Cloud Architecture Security

Deploy your applications and SaaS platforms into AWS, Azure, Google and other providers in a secure manner. Our secure architecture design and threat modeling services will guarantee the best outcome for your deployment.

Secure Development Life Cycle

Implement the best security standards into your application development life cycle through our Application Security Architect services or SDLC training courses to your application developers and DBAs.

Red Team Assessments

Comprised of a full-scale cyber-attack exercise to all of your company's resources, with the goal to achieve the maximum level of privileges, including phishing campaigns, perimeter breach and internal network privileges escalation stages.

ICO Security Services

Secure your token sale website, smart contracts and keep your funds safe with our extensive ICO services.
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HawkSec's Prey Platform

Prey Platform is a brand protection and anti-phishing solution that will keep an eye on those attempting to harm you.
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About Us

Cyber Security is one of the most important aspects a company needs to attend. In times where a single eventuality can cause severe damage and financial loss, it is important to cover all areas of security in order to stay one step ahead.

Hawk Cyber Security has the goal of protecting you from external and internal threats that pose a security risk to your company. Out team is comprised of security professionals with many years of experience, trained for military-grade cyber warfare situations and have earned the most recognized security certifications in the market.

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Professionalism above all things. We will carefully hear what your needs are and try to offer you the best solution that fits your situation. You will leverage a direct and personal relationship with the people involved in the project and not with middle-men in management. We know what we are talking about and we know how to do a good job.
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