Prey Platform: Protecting your business from scammers

Don’t you find it frustrating when you spend several months developing that great product or building your company’s image only to see your customers fall victims of online scammers using your brand in order to make profit?

We know exactly how it feels and that’s the reason we spent several months researching how these immoral individuals act when they want to deploy one of these heists, and we have built a solution that identifies and counteracts their behavior in order to put an end to their criminal activity before they can do any harm.

Prey Platform: A preemptive strike on those willing to harm you

Built by security professionals with real-world experience on phishing campaigns and social engineering techniques, HawkSec’s Prey platform is a tool that will monitor everything surrounding your business’ brand, and will send you alerts when it detects suspicious activity.

From social networks where you build your presence on, to phishing websites trying to entice your clients, our Prey Platform will keep a vigilant eye so you can have peace of mind and focus on what’s most important: You and your business.

Domain names and phishing websites monitoring and alerts

The Domains module will monitor websites that have similar domain names or contents in real time and will send you email alerts when it finds phishing attempts.

Social Networks monitoring and alerts

Keep track of all the activity in relationship to your brand in social networks such as Twitter and Facebook (and more too come, soon).

The platform will save every tweet and post, as customized for your brand. It will recognize potential scam activity and send you real time alerts.

Attention! Prey Platform is the only tool that effectively monitors Facebook posts and contents after the Cambridge Analytica’s scandal (and subsequent shut-down of facebook’s APIs). This was achieved by our skilled developers, who happen to be also skilled at many other things! Shhh…

Telegram Groups Bot for monitoring activities

The telegram bot will validate every user of your group/community and every message for contents that try to scam your legitimate group members.

There are many configurations to choose from, but the following are the main features:

  • Enabling/Disabling links posting
  • Enabling posting of white-listed links only
  • Enabling/Disabling of photos or files sharing
  • Automatic deletion of disallowed messages (as configured above)
  • Automatic ban of Bots
  • Automatic ban of Fake Admins (Impostors)
  • Automatic detection of scam/phishing contents (such as crypto-wallets or phishing websites)
  • and more…

Your business has more chances to succeed with a strong strong team that has your back

Hawk Cyber Security, the firm behind Prey, is one of the leading security services companies, created with the goal of protecting organizations at risk across the world. It is comprised of highly experienced professionals in the areas of cyber security, security architecture and design, cyber warfare and incident response.

The company’s motto: “Building trust through results”, reflects the values and commitment to deliver what organizations need in order for their overall security to be of high standards.

What’s Next?

If you have questions or want to take a look at the platform, just contact us: